Clean Screenshots Directory

I’ve published my first component! When you take informative screenshots in UiPath Studio, and the ndelete the activity later when you no longer need it, the screenshot still exists in the .screenshots folder. This can lead to security risks if the screenshot contains NPI. This component will clear all unused screenshots in the target project directory.


@Anthony_Humphries… Keep Rocking to make the key for millions of automations… :clap:

@Anthony_Humphries, Sound interesting, Thanks for sharing…

Awesome @Anthony_Humphries :ok_hand:

Was the “Remove Unused Screenshots” button built into UiPath Studio not working for you?

I wasn’t aware there was a button for this. However, this component is built so that it can be integrated into a process while debugging so you won’t have to remember to clear the directory manually.

Just found it by this post. Stealthy feature :slight_smile: