Classify Document Scope

Will it possible in the “Classify Document Scope” to read the keywords from a database table, dynamically based on the criteria provided through the workflow?

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In UiPath I am not able to find a way to Pass dynamic data to “Classify Document Scope” but there is some workaround to it.

If you are using a “Keyword Based Classifier” or “Intelligent Keyword Classifier” the respective JSON file will be created for the same and the classifier data will be saved in the JSON format

By modifying that JSON file you can pass the dynamic data to the “Classify Document Scope”

Thanks a lot. I also require some advice, of course, as a bird’s eye view. I have several different formats of invoices from different suppliers. Should I create several classifiers and extractors within the same workflow or should I have different workflows for every supplier and channelise my invoice processing accordingly?

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just a suggestion. If you have difference suppliers where the invoice format would vary then you can create a multiple document type in taxonomy manager and in keyword based classifier for each document type you can add keywords. you don’t have to create multiple classifiers. I just started getting my hands on document understanding. any better suggestions are welcomed and would be learning for me as well.


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