Classification of sales and purchase invoices

Hi all

I have some invoice pdfs, which has both sales and purchase invoices.

some invoices are almost similar in both sales and purchase eg: few extra boxes in one compared to the other.
what’s the best way understand which pdf belongs to sales/purchase.

I have a DU framework where i have done the classification based on keywords to decide which one is purchase or sales .
but whatif the keywords are missing? now it goes to exception.

Another way I was thinking of was do the extraction using Du then based on the extracted values, compare with the parent comapny and some keywords decide the invoice belong to sales/purchase. again keywords are involved.

pls guide me in this .


Hi @Rajeena_M ,

Maybe a further analysis on How the classification is done manually would be able to help. Are few extra boxes the only way that you’ll be able to identify/classify the documents ?

some purchase invoices have "suplier "
Sales has “Shipped To” etc, but not all .

Also parent company position also changes