Classic Show - can't find/turn on

I have UiPath StudioX v.22.4.3
I would like to use “Classic Show”.

If I click on Filter icon - I don’t see this option.
In “Project Option” or “Home-Settings-Design” I can’t activate it.

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It’s strange…

Could you please reinstall the studio?

Adding @loginerror to rectify the issue here…


What version are your UiPath.UiAutomation and UiPath.System dependencies?

I think it’s not about the dependencies. It’s disappeared from the settings itself.

@petersilesia Try to reinstall the studio.


Maybe @Raluca_Laic will be able to advise here.

I can see that you are using StudioX and I’m not sure what “Classic Show” means here.

For Studio profile, you can still choose between Classic and Modern design, both on the Studio Settings level and per project:

Could you maybe let us know what you mean by “Classic Show” (maybe with a screenshot)?

The dependencies affect which settings appear. An old version of the UiAutomation, for example, won’t have modern and classic activities.

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He’s talking about this:


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I reinstalled UiPath but it didnt help.

UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities 22.4.6
UiPath.System.Activites 22.4.1

I don’t see it. Only “PiP Ready” and “Start in PiP”

And I talking about “Show Classic” like on screenshot from @postwick

Another factor here is also the StudioX profile, which now has these options:

It might have been renamed to Studio Developer to make it more obvious that some activities might require some extra knowledge, but are accessible.

The option is still called Show Classic on the Studio profile:

If I checked “Developer Show” I still haven’t elements like “Find elements” or other they normally are in “Classic Show”


From where you download the studio?

Could you please download it from cloud?

Check for the hardware and software requirements:-

Follow the steps:-

  1. Open cloud
  2. Navigate to the Help->Left side down corner
  3. Choose the stable
  4. Download the file from here
  5. Install the studio

This might help you to resolve the issue:


hardware and software requirements are ok

I downloaded now from but it still doesn’t work:

From cloud too.
Its weird :frowning: