Clarity on certification exam practical


Completed training to level 3, and yesterday I did the practical exam, but failed because of technical problems with the upload of the zip. My question though is about another aspect:

The exercise starts by saying something like" “you will create a UIPath automation”. Then later the instruction talks of a “Performer” and a “Dispatcher”.

I made two separate projects, one a performer and one a dispatcher. Was this the correct approach or should I have done it in one project (easier and quicker to do)? The instructions are unclear.


You have to create 2 projects - Dispatcher and Performer.

When you are uploading you have to upload two projects - zip each file individually, place both zip files in a folder and zip again. Upload.

Dispatcher -> which sends the work items (transaction items) to the Queue (Orchestrator).
Performer -> which processes transaction items uploaded to Queue.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks for that. I must say, the instructions could be made clearer in the exam …