Clarification Required for Else If Condition Argument


I come from a programming background, and I am familiar with while loops and if/else if conditional statements. When using an Else If activity (UiPath.System.Activities), I noticed the Condition argument has a description tooltip of “The Body executes as long as this condition is True”. This description is identical to the tooltip displayed on a While loop activity’s Condition argument.

Does UiPath treat an Else If statement like a While loop, or is the tooltip on the Else If activity misleading? If misleading, what is the best way to submit feedback, recommending UiPath change the tooltip on the Else If activity’s Condition argument?

as the if /else if has a sequence (called body) the tooltip can be interpreted also as correct. When the condition is fullfilled the code in the Body is executed.

However when you feel that a better tooltip can be given:

  • provide feedback within the feedback category or its subcategories



The answer is no, UiPath does not treat the While loop the same as If/Else.
If you assign zero to variable, and while variable is less than 5 add one to variable you will end up with five, but the same sequence in an If you only get one. The While keeps looping and the If/Else will only run once. I guess you could say the wording is misleading but they operate the same as any programming language.

Thank you for your reply. I will submit feedback.
I believe my sticking point is the phrase “as long as”, which can imply continuous evaluation. To me, this phrasing makes sense for the While loop, not for the Else If activity.

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