Clarification needed in Practice exercise

In Level-1 Foundation Training of RPA Developer Course, in practice exercise 2, it is said that we have to do this exercise without using recorder. But then I am not able to select the Font option that comes after I click on “Format” option in Notepad which i can select if i am using recorder by pressing F2. Please clarify this. It will be of great help.

PS: thanks in advance

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yah even without recorder we can do that manually
–use a normal click activity and click on the FORMAT option and to choose the FONT option followed by that we can press F2 key so that we will getting a hault time of around 3 seconds
–mean while we can be set to click on the FONT option

this is how its done without recorder buddy
Cheers @Amit_Sahu

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Hi @Amit_Sahu

You can use Send Hotkeys Option (Alt + 0) to Open the Format Menu and so on.