Citrix workspace error

Hi Team

If any error occurs in citrix workspace so how can I handle(debugging) it? Its my interview question.

Minal Patil


Even on citrix app if the runtime is installed it is same as a normal automation and errors would be similar…So depends on the error that we face we can proceed

Apart from that if citrix app itself is not working then the interaction itself will fail and the error would say the same that it could not interact with the app or access is not there

Hope this helps


Hi @minal.patil

Since citrix automation & debugging is a very important thing not only from the interview perspective but also as a practical experiment, you can keep the following points in mind for citrix debugging:

  1. Very important to select right & unique selectors. That will significantly reduces the chance of exceptions.
  2. Frequent usage of log messages can help you understand the errored out sequence & makes debugging easy.
  3. Usage of delays here & there in citrix automation is a good thing as there might be some delay between robot’s action & Ui response.
  4. Surrounding certain sequences by try-catch will help you handle the exceptions easily & improves debugging capabilities.

Hope this helps,
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