Citrix window selector different on virtual machine VMware

I initially had UiPath installed on my machine and was developing robots to work with Citrix applications fine. Then I got UiPath taken off my machine and installed in a virtual machine running VMware and the robot working with Citrix stopped working (Citrix hangs and I have to close). After much investigation, it looks like the robot can’t see the Citrix window in the virtual machine. When I use the UiPath explorer to select the Citrix window, I noticed that the selector code is different to when I had UiPath on my machine.

Selector on my machine is - wnd app=‘cdviewer.exe’ ctrlname=‘MainWindow’

Selector on the virtual machine is - wnd app=‘dwm.exe’ cls=‘Ghost’ title=‘Affinity Citrix Session - Desktop Viewer’

So it looks like the robot is causing issues trying to refer to the Citrix session behind the Desktop Windows Manager and causing it to hang.

Has anyone come across this and know how to overcome the robot hanging the Citrix session, or know how to refer to the Citrix window correctly using a different selector?

Currently running the following in VMware
Studio 2017.1.6522
Enterprise Edition
Microsoft WIndows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit
.NET 4.0.30319.42000