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I’ve followed these instructions, as I have exactly the same problem than the OP, and it works like a charm. But when I closed UIPath and opened again (because a weird behavior debugging) the activities library version was again to newer one.

A colleague has the same problem with a COM library, so I guess that it’s a common issue. Is there a way to have it permanent?

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.

Hi @frueda,
Studio Community Edition is always tending to have as newest packages as possible. The version of actual used packages is saved individually in every project. So if you will change package version for particular project it will remember this but only for this project. When starting new it will have newer version.

You could open new project, downgrade packages you want and then use it (copy and change name) to work with the copy. It will be kind of a template if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Thanks for the “template” idea, I’ll sure use it for future projects. Regarding what you said in the other paragraph, it’s the same project where I change and where it then restart to the newest version. I mean, I downgrade the version for the project X, exit Studio and open again, open project X and then I realize it’s again in the newest version.

I’ll see the version in the project.json between closing and re-opening it, and verify that it’s the correct one.

Maybe somehow in your case this file is write protected. Please check that :slight_smile:

Because a version problem with some activities when downgrading, I had the project opened in two separated Studio windows, so I could see what activities were affected. Maybe the first time I closed the downgraded one first or something like that, because it has worked now.

I’m setting your last comment as the solution, because I consider is something related to it.

Thank you very much for your help.

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