Citrix - Update data in citrix app based on excel data present in local desktop


Apps involved - local MS-excel with 3 columns (Name, dob, Age) and Citrix app(window based with 10 columns( Name, DOB, Age, Address, etc)

Task description - Fetch values from 2 columns (Name,DOB) of excel and compare it with columns(Name,DOB) present in Citrix. If the records match,then column (Age) has to be updated in citrix app based on values from Excel sheet “Age” column because the citrix app is not updated always. Hence we have to run this script to update the data.

I have given the crux of the problem and it would be helpful if you could guide me on this. Please see a sample screenshot. In this case, I have to update the “Age” column in citrix app based on values from “Age” column in Excel


I will read data from excel and iterate for each row, but how can I compare that with Citrix app?


@vvaidya, @aksh1yadav! As I saw your profiles in citrix related posts, thought I will just check with you.Have you dealt with this scenario mentioned above?

Any help/Guidance would be appreciated. Thanks

I understood your problem, I just want to check - are you able to copy and paste data from citrix app to your local machine?

Previously, I dealt with similar situation where I had taken below approach.

  1. Opened Excel sheet in citrix - through key strokes copied data.
  2. Opened new excel sheet locally, then pasted data
  3. Updated data in local excel sheet
  4. Copied data from local excel sheet using key strokes (Ctrl + c)
  5. In Citrix - Selected all data in excel sheet using key strokes (Ctrl + a)
  6. Pasted data in citrix excel through key stroke (Ctr + v) and saved excel (Overwritten data with updated data)

Hope this approach will also work for you if copy and paste allowed in local machine.

Thank you Kuldip for the response. Unfortunately, I cannot get the data out of citrix. Alas. Let me try to figure out. If you come across any other approach, please do keep me posted. Thank you Once again

@kuldip.gohil. Thanks for your help. Can you please look into this post and share your views? Am encountering similar issue but not sure how to address it. I followed the keyboard shortcuts to perform but still the issue persists