Citrix recording


I need to type into an inputfield en after that click on a button and select a checkbox. all elements are located on a popup window. When using the type into, or the web recording or the citrix recording I cannot select the correct field. All the elements on this popup window are shifted, when I use selectors to select the right element with fully details and then use a highlight activity to check what it has selected, it is still shifted … it is not the correct place, and so I cannot use a type activity. What should I do?
I already tried with sending hotkeys, and that works for the type into and the button but I cannot click the checkbox with the hotkeys…

you won’t get full details of element when working in citrix.


when I don’t use the selectors it is also not working and the same problem, so I really don’t know how I have to solve it

use image or clipping region or anchor base activities

But all the regions, elenments are shifted, the whole window is divided into elements but not on its same place as you can see … so I cannot select anything, I cannot use anchor base because the anchor is also shifted …

there is no scope for elements for citrix environment, use i mage based