Citrix Recording Click text activity



Hi Any ideas on below really appreciate

I am working on the window application on the server

Click text activity is not working on the particular place if I run the Robot from the Task scheduler.

Click text activity has no space and used curser positions to click.
I have tried the options with and without - attach window, send window message and other options which is associated with that activity.

but if I run it my self manually then it works fine.

the logs its generated

" 09:28:39:108 => [WARNING] [Orchestra.Services.KeyboardMappingsService] [5] Command ‘RecordCitrix’ is not created in the CommandManager, cannot update input gesture"

any ideas and help would appreciate


hi vbrgangasani

let me understand this properly: you are starting the robot/workflow through a windows task scheduler and not directly from Studio? and when you run it from Studio, it works fine?
can you detail a little the workflow you are using? you see the same error with other workflows or only with this specific one?


Hi Gabriel

Thank you for your response

the issue has been solved already.


@vbrgangasani What was the issue and how was it solved?