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If I am running the bot on a Citrix Desktop. Do I need to install the Citrix plugin? Is the Citrix Plugin used only to interact with published Citrix Apps if the app is not installed on the Citrix Desktop? I don’t know a lot about Citrix. My bots are running without it now, but was curious if it makes the bot perform more efficiently.


Hi @PWilliams,

Yes you are correct, the Remote Runtime is not required on your Citrix Desktop.

The Remote Runtime component for Citrix is only required if you are planning to run your Robot on Server A, while accessing a Citrix Published Application that originates from Server B. Serer B would require the Remote Runtime component to allow Server A’s Robot to see the selectors of the Citrix Published Application.


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Hello @Kristopher,

Thank you for the explanation! I really appreciate it!

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