Citrix issue with pop ups

We have a Ctirix application for which we have automated a data entry function. After successful processing of the data, the application gives a pop-up with success message that varies but always starts with phrase “Process Complete…”
For some reason the idx value for the popup changes in the selector and so we cannot select it. We are also unable to trap it as an image either as messages are different based on data conditions. It looks like the pop-up is separate layer inside citrix on top of the original citrix session

What’s the solution here to detect the Pop Up message ? We tried image matching and that doesn’t work. Even for OCR we cannot select the pop-up due to dynamic selector (* doesn’t work in idx).

Any thoughts?

hi @Ani_M

I have also faced the same kind of issue my suggestion is to use an element exist with a valid selector created with “Launch UI Explorer”. Added a small sample, couldn’t get a perfect example to explain clearly.
Changes required, indicate the Pop Up window in the element exist and I guess it works fine.

PopUp_Handler.xaml (9.0 KB)

Cool! I will try this out and get back to you. Thank you!