Citrix Google OCR Dinamic AllowedCharacters

Hi There! I’m trying to get some codes in Citrix with letters and numbers but every time will be differents, so will be so useful if I could every time for each code configure a few numbers and letter to get a better match

How can I parameterize the allowedCharacters?


Hi @carmen,

Kindly check this property right inside the OCR engine, for example:


Hi @acaciomelo I would like to change that but every time …could be great if I could use a variable there. Do you know if it is possible?

@carmen: Have you tried it?

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It is not possible currently to pass any dynamic data or variable to “AllowedCharacters” Property so it would be best to define all possible character and assign it to above property.



@badita I’m exploring this tool … I would like to know if it is possible

It would be nice to change as much of the text field parameters to expressions as feasible - it’s an arbitrary limitation to need to hard code these values directly in the designer. Allowing more control is IMHO always better, especially since if someone wants to have a static set, one can always put a string literal there, so nothing is lost.


You are right. It can not be done. We’ll change it in the future.

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@badita any news about this idea?

Hi @carmen

Looks like you can do that now.