Citrix extension not working for Lock screen

This is regarding Native Citrix Automation.

We have Citrix remote runtime version 19.4 installed at the citrix server end. We have 2019.4 studio for development. We are able to identify individual UI elements/selectors inside citrix environment.

The issue is when the Citrix Desktop locks out. In the screen to unlock citrix desktop, that particular screen selectors are not working. There is also a disclaimer screen that shows up before that. We need to click OK button. So it the Disclaimer screen and the lock screen that needs to be looked at.
Why are selectors not enabled in these two screens. Can you please help us with this?

Note: This is Citrix Desktop. Selectors enabled inside citrix but not in Disclaimer and Lock screen.

Citrix extension works only when it’s connected to a Citrix environment
I hope the disclaimer screen is not a part of it
Kindly manage them with normal Send hot key activity with key as enter so that it would click in that and continues with the automation
Cheers @Siddarth_Nair