Citrix Extension in RDP

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We have come across a requirement where: from our development environment (system 1), we need to RDP to a client system (System 2) and from there we need to launch Citrix App. Will the citrix extension installed in the System 1 and Remote Runtime component installed in the citrix app server help enable selectors for development in System 1?
I hope you understand, from our UiPath studio environment we cannot access Citrix app directly, we need to RDP to a client environment and from there we can launch Citrix App. Can the citrix extension help here?

Kindly clarify.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Siddarth_Nair,
If I understand correctly it looks like this right?
If yes, then extension and Studio need to be installed on System 2 (Client environment) and you need to develop workflow from there.

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Thanks @Pablito!

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