Citrix exceptions control



I have automated a process that comprises an application running on Citrix. The problem is, whenever there is an exception, Uipath doesn´t show any error message. It seems like it waits for the next step permanently. I would like to know how, after waiting a proper time, make Uipath to show an error message.

Aside from this, when something goes bad on the application, it doesn´t let me close it using Alt+F4. The application forces me to close it following certain steps, which are variable depending on the screen where the error happened. This would be very complex to automate, so I need an alternative method. The killing process activity isn´t working either, as the next time I open the application, the screen is the same as before killing the process. For this reason, I would also like to know if there is some clean way to end a process running on Citrix that could help me here.

I very much appreciate your help.
Thank you.


Hi @c_cumplido,

In this case I would suggest you to configure properly the TimeoutMS property inside activities that are based on images and that throw exception when this image is not found like Find Image activity. Also, you could use a Do While activity and inside it a counter that will be the amount of attempts that you want to try to find the image before it throws an exception.

I have attached an example for you:
Main.xaml (11.8 KB)