Citrix environment OCR unable to detect drop down

Hi all,

I am trying to resolve this issue. I am trying to automate this drop down box and when i use Google OCR, the result preview shows all the information, “Divorced” etc etc, but when I automate it and do an output of it, it doesn’t show accurate information of the drop down box. It will show “Dic rced” which isn’t like the result preview.

Hope anyone would be able to help, thanks.

Hi there @saraawq,
Have you tried altering the provided settings, including:

  • Allowed/Denied Characters
  • Invert
  • Profile
  • Scale

In addition, it may be worth trying Microsoft Modi instead, should it provide better results.

Thanks in advance,


Did you tried a relative click to “matital” to activate the drop down and then send hotkey (arrow down) depending on the element’s position in the list? 1 for divorced, 2 keys for married and so on… ?