Citrix environment experiences? Please share! (Build time and accuracy)

Hello all,

As far as I know it takes about 5x more time and effort to automate a process on a Citrix environment since you need to use OCR and checks etcetera. Based on your experiences, can you maybe indicate if this accurate or not? How accurate is the robot itself in comparison to using selectors. I look forward hearing from you!

Kr, Electric Boogie!

Incase if you are not aware, the latest version of UiPath which is 2018.4 has the capability to automate the Citrix apps natively (selector based) through a Citrix extension which is integrated within the Studio (where you install the browser extensions). I don’t have hands on experience with this yet as it is still brand new and also it looks like we need to install a runtime component on the Citrix servers which is another aspect to review this feature from Infosec stand point. For more Info, refer below documentation -