Citrix calendar automation


I have start month and end month fields which are non editable in citrix. I have to click on the calendar icon and select month and year. Both start month and end month are having same calendar images where click image activity is not working as expected. Please suggest what are the activities i can use to achieve this functionality in citrix.


sailaja pasupuleti

@Sailaja_Pasupuleti You can use “Send Hotkey” and If possible then “Type Into” activity.

Hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti,

If the Citrix Text changes eventually or not you can use the activity click OCR. If you used before click text before it’s very similar. Using string manipulation to input what you’re trying to click. More info about this activity below:

Which activity should be used to click calendar image. I have tried click image activity but it is clicking 2nd calendar image instead of first one.

hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti

you can use set web attribute activity


Hi @Sailaja_Pasupuleti, does the same image repeat in the screen? If so, then that might be the case.
Check the parameters and modify the Ocurence. Please read the post.
Occurrence - If the string in the Text field appears more than once in the indicated UI element, specify here the number of the occurrence that you want to click. For example, if the string appears 4 times and you want to click the first occurrence, write 1 in this field. The default value is 1.

It is mentioned string in above activity not image. Will click ocr text works for images? I mean clicking calendar icon


it doesnt have occurrence property

Yes, Click image is a different thing. Have you tried the Vision activities? Download those activities and I think it will help in your case.