Citrix based automation - Question

So here is the question

I have UiPath installed on server 1 while my target application are on server 2. Server 1 to server 2 connection is done through citirx which means Robot will have to connect to a citrix VM machine and then go to the target applications to do automation ?

What is the best way to do this ? Will CV activities be helpful ? if not how we make this automation less risky and less image based



You can give CV a try since you don’t want to go with image-based automation.

Have you tried out remote-runtime? Check the below link:

I have not tested CV but will do.

Also do we really need remote runtime ? if so - will citrix automation wont work runtime ?

I’d suggest you also give remote-runtime a try as well.

Yes, CV activities can be helpful in automating Citrix applications. CV activities can be used to identify and click on elements on the Citrix screen. However, CV activities are not always reliable, especially if the Citrix application is complex or frequently changes.

I would recommend to go with native selectors in Citrix remote runtime instead of CV activities if possible
As UiPath Remote Runtime is a component which facilitates the communication between a remote application or desktop, such as Citrix Virtual Apps, and the dedicated UiPath extension – the UiPath Extension for Citrix , the UiPath Extension for Windows Remote Desktop and Apps , or the UiPath Extension for VMware Horizon . It gathers info about targeted UI elements of remote applications and sends them to the corresponding extension, so that selectors are natively generated in UIExplorer.

Refer this doc for configuration

Or you can refer this example if you are in same page

Hope this helps and clarifies

Cheers @AdityaShivam

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to use native citrix selectors - do we need to have remote runtime installed and running on bot machine ?

I hope we dont need to install anything on client VM !

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Yes, it is normally installed in the machine where your target application resides.

This is how u do

  1. Run the UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi file to install the UiPath Remote Runtime. It needs to be installed on all the Citrix Application servers, VMware Horizon servers, or the Windows Remote Desktop machines on which you want to create your automation projects.
  2. Log off from the current Citrix window, VMware Horizon window, or RDP session on the client machine and log back in. This is required so that your changes take effect.
  3. Install either the UiPath Extension for Citrix, UiPath Extension for VMware Horizon, or the UiPath Extension for Windows Remote Desktop and Apps on the client machine, depending on the technology on which you want to create your automation projects.

You can also choose to deploy the extension for Java, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Citrix from the installer, as well as the Task Scheduler entry, by selecting the corresponding options, as depicted below

Refer this document for complete details

Cheers @AdityaShivam

Ok i think due to security rules, client wont allow us to install runtime engine on their servers where the application sits.

Whatever we can do- we can do on our own server with Robot and studio is

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Then try with computer vision which is the best option for you now