Citrix Automation

While automating in Citrix environment, which method is most reliable and efficient for a click event?

I need to close a particular window in Citrix environment. Methods I have tried -

  1. Click image(Button available at top left of the webpage to close the page)
  2. Relative click(Having image below the button as a reference to click the button)
  3. Activate Window + Send Hotkeys (Alt + F4)

The failure case is around 2/20 while the click event fails to register and the automation fails.

Kindly suggest any other work around.


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If closing the app is what you’re trying to achieve (you didn’t mention), I would start with the simplest method, #3.

If for some reason that doesn’t work, or it’s not what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll need more details about what you need to click on.

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@Cosin have updated the post, we are trying to close the specific page through button click which is present at extreme top left or will use the close button of the browser to achieve the same.

Thank you for your inputs

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You can use Anchor base Activity in which enables you to find an anchor in UI element to find a better selector

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@Pushpak: There’s no point in using Anchor over Citrix, especially for this use case.

@Vinay In your particular situation looks like Click Image will work.
As a general note there is not such thing like a recommended automation technique for Citrix. It depends on the target application. For some keyboard will work better, for others image automation or text automation or a mix. For example, if you would ask about SAP I would say to enable scripting and in case that is not allowed use text automation techniques (Click Text via Native Scrapping). SAP over Citrix would be keyboard + image automation.

However these would help:


Close Window activity resolved the same. Was not able to get the selector for Image and do a relative click and so finally went with Close Window activity.