Citrix Automation Uipath

Hello All,

I have Uipath installed on my local computer how can I install citrix , is it free ?

I am willing to learn about citrix automation please help

Varun Dharni.

hi @Varun_Dharni,

Yes - You can always Install Citrix - It is just a gateway to connect to the remote machines.

So assuming you have a machine which is available at a different location and can be accessed by Remote Desktop or Citrix.

When Working with citrix - you will have to specify the Citrix Url - UserName and Password and you are connected the machine from your local machine.

So whenver we launch a Citrix based URl - the browser automatically download the citrix extension for us to use.

More Details :

Thanks for sharing this but can you please share specific url which I need to download on my local system , URL shared by you shows many …