Citrix Automation - Image Click in a table region

Hi ,

I have a section(table kind) in which I have a set of Date values with a Plus sign infront which I need to click and expand. After the expansion I need to click on “Attendance” which gives a pop up and I need to enter some value over there. The section will look like the one below

I have only 2 datas with me which are 1.) number of entries going to be there in section like 5 or 10 whatever it is 2.) Start date and End date of the session which may be 15 th April 2017 to 15th May 2017. So the dates available here will be in this range, not necessary all the days in between the range will be present.

I need to expand all the date sections one by one and click on attendance

Following are the points that makes this complicated, please note

1.) I need to click on + only not on the date to expand the section
2.) “Attendance” is the same hyperlink available inside all dates where I need to click
3.) Citrix based screen, no Separate ID is available for any portion.Need to relay on Image, Anchor tags only
4.) I am using version 2017.1

Please suggest how i can make use of the available data and do this automation.

can you use data scraping on that table?

Buddy you can use CV activities for this scenario

Data Scraping I can do but can you give me some details how can I make use of data scrapping to click on this + relatively.? If you look into the image you can understand the date starts at different position in the screen

Thanks for your suggestion…This is not available in 2017 version.

well, you’re going to iterate through it, then use some if activity to check if the dates are equal. if they are so, use an anchor base, with a find element, in which is gonna be the selector of the cell with the date, and a click activity to click on the plus sign. it would help if you could share the selector of one of the dates, one of the plus signs, and a screenshot of how the table looks when you scrape it.

Thanks for your response
Its a citrix screen, selector is not available for any of these components.
Screen shot of the table is already there in the post. Kindly check the main content I have posted. I have detailed out most of the points about the screen complexity. Check and let me know if you need any other inputs