Citrix Automation: From our Windows OS machine Can we Automate few actions in a Remote Desktop having Ubuntu OS

Citrix Automation: From our Windows OS machine Can we Automate few actions (Open some Folders and extract the Zipped Folder) in a Remote Desktop having Ubuntu OS

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UiPath is based on ‘.Net’ so all tasks can be performed on Windows OS. You could do some stuff with use of RDP connection. However if we are talking about Ubuntu you will be able only to use image based activities and OCR. Anyway this will be little difficult.

Yes, I tried it…when I use OCR text- sometimes its performing action and sometimes its failing(when the position of the object is changed), Its inconsistent,
So I am using Image… Is Image fine to use?

I would say it’s not perfect approach but in case there’s no other way it’s fine. You just need to remember that if it’s a production environment or some business use it’s good practice to include in the project all eventual failure or exception which may occur just to cover every possibility.

Sorry I didn’t get it…If its a Production environment what should be done? Should handle the exception you mean to say?

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I meant that production environments are more let say “delicate” and you won’t make any mistake or data leak or any unneeded action there. So you need to build robot more carefully and with prediction of everything what can happen. Just like beta testers are testing the products you need also sometimes to try to catch any error and make robot to handle with this as well.

The perfect example here is our REFramework template which is created to catch exception and have also separate way to handle unexpected errors. For the same reason Try Catch activity was made :slight_smile:


There is also the Computer Vision activity package that could help here, I suppose :slight_smile:

What is Computer Vision Package about ? Is it some external Add-in or some extension to download?

Sure… so should think in all possibilities how any action may fail accordingly Try Catch should be implemented there… Thank you Pablito

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It is an activity package you can install via the Package Manager:

How it works is simple. It scans the specific container on your screen and uses Machine Learning to recognize elements on the screen. In short, it’s a smarter way to automate based on images itself.

With standard image automation, your clicks will be done via concrete, specific images which Robot will search for on the screen.

With the AI.ComputerVision, it will recognize that a specific element is a button, plus it will be able to find it based on the button label :slight_smile:

That’s nice, I searched for it in UiPath tool of my machine, The “SAVE” option is disabled as shown in my screenshot below:
And Kindly please explain how to use it to Automate a process with some example?

You need to click this install button first :slight_smile:

After it is installed, you will see the activities in your activity pane:

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