Citrix automation - For each to paste data from Excel to citrix application


I have an excel sheet filled with data and a window based citrix app. I would like to read each row from Excel and paste it in Citrix application. I can identify the row/record to place in citrix by using CTRL+F(find). Only if I find a matching record in Citrix application, I have to paste the record else not paste it and keep a track of how many records I pasted and how many aren’t pasted. I need your help with copying a whole row from excel(one by one) and paste in citrix app. I already tried using for each to read each row but how do I copy the whole row so that I can set it to clipboard and once match is found, I can paste it.

Can’t paste the screenshot or xaml file as it is confidential


You can concatenate Whole row in one variable by putting one while loop inside For Each Row. Refer to attached image.