Citrix automation dynamic delays

I am automating a citix application. Steps to be automated -

  1. open Internet explorer go to a link
  2. enter id password and click login
  3. user is login to the window , now click on app name which is to be automated.
  4. app is opened , now within this app I have to click on 4 buttons one at a time which opens 4 different windows and enters data into various fields.

Now in citrix, elements like browser , application etc loads slowly sometimes and in that case BOT is not able to find elements which are not loaded. Giving delays of fixed timing like 10 secs, 50 secs is not good practice, so I want to apply dynamic delays for which there are activities like element exists, image exists( are there any other activites?). sometimes these two are not working or maybe I am configuring their properties ( Waitfor ready, timeout etc) incorrectly or what. Please help me to put dynamic delays in between so that BOT runs everytym and waits for next element to appear no matter how much time the process takes to load next element.

??? its urgent

Hi @Gaurav07,
You has Find Element activity as well. This have two additional attributes like:

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can you please explain about this
and give me tips about how to automate the above process?

you can use on element appear with repeat forever = false in addition to element exist.

one tip from me is try using AI Computer Vision and not image automation if selector based activities are unstable for your application. image automation please only use it as a last resort.

how you can automate that process i wouldn’t know, for 1 you didnt provide any information screenshots about the stuff you want to automate, can you at least try to build a prototype and share it here so we can give you advice on improving on what you have tried or help you troubleshoot.