Citrix Application-Using CV

Hi All ,

I am eager to use the UiPath.AI.ComputerVision.Activities
But I dont have citrix application to test
could you please share the link where i can get the citrix application


Use RDP connection to connect other system and try it. we don’t have any link to open citrix application.

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Hi @SrinivasanGovindaraj,

You can download Oracle VM box and create your own VM there or else create an instance in Amazon web services offering free service for 12months

Please go through the link:


Thank you @kaluri

Citrix also provide 72 hours free demo access citrix application access

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You can actually test Computer Vision on any application, and when you get a VM just change the selector in the CV Scopes and it should work seamlessly. Or even better, you can use the selector in a variable to change a single one and everything updates accordingly


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