Citrix application not starting


Dear community

we just setup the Orchestrator, connected one robot and so far, it works fine. The process and everything is also deployed.

When we start the robot via the orchestrator, it seems that the targetted citrix application (on the robot system) is not starting - at least, the screenshot in the escalation mail suggests that. Do you have ANY idea, what could be wrong?
To start the citrix app, I’m using the “application start” activity, the path do NOT include ANY variables (so, this cannot be an issue) and when I’m signed on using citrix/rdp, everything runs fine.

Many thanks for your hints


From orchestrator?

In my case, patching was done on the server and we were getting “Orchestrator Information not found”, this was fixed by reregistering the robot.



we start the process manually, assigning it to one robot only. It does start (which is confirmed by a logical business rule being triggered from the robot stating “application cannot be started” and sending a screenshot). However, on this screenshot I cannot see the application anywhere… the timeout is set to two minutes (120’000ms)