Citrix and Local Excel app automation - Compare records to find whether they are identical

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to automate a task which involves comparing Excel records from the local desktop with a citrix application (Similar to Excel/Access).

As the app is in citrix, it captures only the window as an image but wondering how it can be done. Can you please help me or share your suggestions?

I already tried Click Text/Image/Scrape relative but that doesn’t seem to help.

Looking forward to your response. I cannot post screenshot/xaml file as it is confidential. I understand it is difficult to relate to the problem but what I am looking for is your suggestions/approach/experience in dealing with such scenarios


Two thoughts which may help:

  1. Is that possible to save the file from Citrix into some shared folder which your local is able to access to. This should be the better solution.
  2. Is that possible to select all text in Citrix file, like click top left corner in Excel or Ctrl+A, etc. Then use “Copy Selected Text” to save into a variable, tidy up format, etc.

Hello @Sean,

Thanks for the response. I have pasted the screenshot below to help you understand

I need to compare the data between Excel and Citrix app based on 2 columns (C1 & C2).

if there is a match, then I have to update the column(C3) in citrix based on the value present in column(C3) of Excel.
So the values(col-c3) in citrix will be updated to 12 & 13 for each rows respectively’

Does it help?


I think that the option 1 that told you Sean is the better and easy solution. Had you tried that?

@Carmen @Sean Thank you for the response and can you please check whether the below post by me helps you to understand more about this scenario/problem I am trying to solve?