Citizen Developers, what tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Hi Citizen Developers! :wave:

Academy team has two questions for you:

  1. What tricks have you learned on the job that you wish you learned from the Academy courses?
  2. What tips do you have for learners who have just started their citizen developer learning journey?

Hi @Bianca.Dragu ,

As part of the RPA COE team in our organization i have learned the citizen developer course as well. it is really very easy to learn and it will be very helpful for the business users to do their automations in very easy manner.

  1. the tricks i have learned from citizen developer course is related to excel activities. we can easily perform vlookup operations, pivot operations without going for VB.ner code. and also i could see lot of activities comparing to studio.

  2. The suggestions for citizen developers are below.

a) Please complete the citizen developer course in academy it is very useful and once you complete this course you all will get good confidence on how to automate your processes.

b) please try to complete the all training exercises related the different lessons in the citizen developer course it will help you to do some complex automations at your end.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.


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