Citation Research


What is the use case

I would like to have/build a robot, that can create a list of Unique Citations about any given topic/subject based on ( following but not limited to ) conditions:

  1. Citations By a particular Person
  2. Citations Must Contain a given set of Words
  3. Name of Book or URL of the article that Contains that Citation
  4. Citations must be Unique and Plagiarism Free.

This robot either use Internet or will use a list of PDF files that end-user will provide in order to create the list of citations

How do you see a solution for the use case?

I will divide the solution in 3 conditions, which are as follows:

Case1. If PDF or any Document have been Provided to research
Case2. If No PDF or any other document is provided.
Case3. If PDF are provided but we need to use Internet to find other available citations.

Case1 Solution: Its seem to be somewhat easy, we create a flowchart that will read PDF ( or any other documents provided ) and based on given criteria, create a list of citations.

Case2 Solution: with the help of Advanced Search Tool from Google, our robot will first create a Search String and get the results from Google, then we will follow each results one by one and list only those citations that fulfill our conditions

Case3 Solution: It will combine the above 2 solutions.

Scope: ______________

  • Custom Activity
  • Reusable Component
  • Template
  • Automation Framework
  • Application Connector
  • Data Connector
  • RPA Documentation
  • Machine learning model
  • Dashboard


how you will test for plagiarism and how can you authenticate it?


there are many good online plagiarism tester available, all we need is to feed them our citations, this too with the robot.