Cirtix vs Local Robot

Hello. I am sure I read somewhere that a local robot is recommended over using the Citrix controls. Is this true? If there is an article, a link would be a big help.

Thanks in advance.


See below some links that speaks about Citrix

Using a local bot allows you to have much more control over selectors (which makes everything MUCH easier and more accurate) as they exist on screen and UiPath can “see” them.

However using Citrix is very different because what you see on screen isn’t really “there”, it’s all just one image, so you have to use image selection and set anchors, or send keyboard based actions, in order to perform any actions, which takes longer and is much more prone to errors and issues. That’s not to say what you wish to achieve won’t be possible, it just adds a layer of complexity which might be best avoided.

I see @dkollyns posted links to Citrix, which discuss it in more detail should we choose that route however.

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