Chronium API is not supported for the element

Can someone please help,this is so frustrating been trying to solve for this error with no luck

I am in uat environment testing, at first it was not doing this…so I don’t understand this error now all of a sudden because on my workflow that activity it’s complaining about is not even Chronium API it’s Hardware event.

Here is a full error

Someone please help me


As per error its throwing error on click and what you are verifying is type into…please check properly…may be it is the sign in click


Hiw @Anil_G thanks for your response, its a type into activity that I am using for the type into…and click before typeing is set to Single…
Im using chrome browser, studio version 2020


  1. Did you happen to upgrade the packages to latest? if yes please downgrade them to 2020 supported versions system and ui related packages
  2. From the error are you seeing it is happening on Type into?


Yes so it was the latestest studio version 2023 then it was downgraded to 2020

Yes looks like it stops on the second type into, where it has to type in the password


Few activities will not support backward compatibility…particular from 2023 to 2020 you might see may unexpected error…please try to downgrade the process and rerun again from studio and then try…as backward compatibility is not there for many activities

that to 2020 is pretty old for a 2023 developed process


Are you sure it’s the Type Into and not the Click after it that is throwing the exception?

Have you tried changing the input mode of the Use Application/Browser?

After changing the input mode did you publish the project to Orchestrator then update the Process to the new version?

Hi @postwick ,It’s click yhea but because it moved very quick…

I have set the input mode to ‘hardware events’ seems like it supports that

Yes after publishing to orchestrator I updated to the newest. Version


please confirm if your studio and robot versions are same and if there are any version differences

also try includings logs to confirm where the issue is poping and try to change that or remove and readd those


Yes they are the same

Don’t worry about studio versions etc. Studio is irrelevant anyway, it’s not running in Studio.


The intial code was developed in 2023 and then being used in 2020…do you think it would not create any issue?


Did you happen to try removing and re adding the activity which is failing?


Not this issue.

The issue was simply the input mode of the Click activity, not the Type Into, so it’s resolved.

Hi yes I did for both the type into activities, but also removed the click activity for sign in as well,but let me see what happens after, ill test again