Chrome Uipath extension getting disabled

Hi, I am using Google chrome browser for web automation. The extension is getting disabled frequently for every 2-3 days.
In forum i have seen one solution to replace the kill process activity for Google chrome with the close application. I have tried this but still the issue is unresolved. Its an unattended bot.

Please help. Thanks in Advance!!!

Hi @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

Can you check out the below details

  1. Ensure the Chrome extension is updated to their latest versions.
  2. Try to Reinstall Chrome Extension
  3. Firewall or Security Software : Your firewall or security software might block the UiPath extension from working properly.


@Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud I addition to @Gokul001 .

Connect with your IT team, may be they have applied some policy over your browser.


There could be so many reason behind
I would recommend to have a view on all aspects which is going to be one time effort and from then it won’t repeat

  1. Make sure that the UiPath extension is installed and enabled in the browser. You can check this by going to the browser’s extension settings and verifying that the UiPath extension is listed and enabled.
  2. Restart the browser and try again. Sometimes restarting the browser can fix the issue.
  3. Check that you are using the latest version of the UiPath extension. If you are not, update the extension and try again.
  4. If you are still having issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the UiPath extension.
  5. Check if there are any conflicts with other extensions. Try disabling all other extensions and see if the UiPath extension works.
  6. If you are using a different version of UiPath Studio and UiPath extension, ensure that they are compatible with each other.
  7. Would recommend to check with company internal policy on auto updating the browser

Check this thread for detailed explanation from UiPath

Cheers @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

Hello @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud

  1. Replace “Kill Process” with “Close Application” activity.
  2. Implement a retry mechanism to reopen Chrome and re-enable the extension if it gets disabled.
  3. Use logging and error handling to diagnose and address issues.
  4. Check if the extension is enabled before performing web automation actions.

Thanks & Cheers!!!

Hi @Konda_Sai_Charan_Goud,

Your Chrome preferences are getting overwritten each time so that might be a reason Chrome is unable to remember its last preference settings.

Reinstall the extension then close the browser and change the file mentioned in the below path to read-only so that Chrome will retain its preferences with the extension included

“C:\Users**{userAccout}**\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences”


Kill and close have nothing to do with it. Your organization may have a policy that blocks extensions.

Setting the preferences file to read only isn’t a good solution, as it then won’t be updated for things that need to be updated.

Making preference read-only retains your last choice in the chrome at the current moment.
If you need to change any chrome behavior in the future, then it’s good not to follow this solution

So obviously the last solution would be to reach out to your concerned IT helpdesk to make the extension permanent in the Chrome browser, they will change the policy accordingly