Chrome UIPath Extension Fails When Chrome://version page is open

With two chrome windows open, the chrome UIPath Extension icon is grayed out when an in focus tab is open to chrome://version or a url such as (e.g. chrome://bookmarks).
And when debugging an automation sequence, the sequence stalls on the first activity when the aforementioned chrome://bookmarks tab window is in focus.

How can I get past this issue so UIPath can find and utilize another available chrome tab or window where the UIPath extension is not grayed out?

Hello @grosner,

This is the case with everything chrome:// like settings , extensions .etc. The reason is no extension is allowed to run under chrome:// it’s a safeguard put in place by Google for security purposes.

You will have to find an alternate way to achieve what ever you are trying to do.

Hope that helps ! Kudos :slight_smile:


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