Chrome Restore Session pop up disable via Powershell command

Hi Auto-Mates

I’m looking specifically for a powershell command to disable the chrome restore session pop up when chrome is task killed. Im using the invoke powershell activity inside uipath studio. I know there are ways to change the chrome preferences file for exit_type and exit_cleanly. I’m purely interested in powershell command method. Im using uipath in C# mode and the invoke powershell activity with command—> @“start chrome -ArgumentList '–profile-directory=”“Default”“',‘’”

works for opening chrome with a particular google profile.

How do i add a --argument that disables the chrome session restore popup?
I tried adding ‘–disable-session-crashed-bubble’ to no avail and also ‘–session-restore= “false”’ to no avail.

also tried this ;

no joy!