Chrome PDF Reader - Getting Value of Radio button


I am working on an automation for a client. The automation will run on a VM where Adobe is not available. The automation uses Chrome to read PDF files.

Within this PDF is a set of questions in table format and a set of Radio buttons to indicate a Yes/No answer. I am unable to retrieve the value of the radio button controls through standard means, such as selectors.

I turned to Find Image/Image Exists to look for an image of the Radio button. The rationale behind that is if I searched for the radio buttons in a certain configuration, and Find Image or Image Exists found that configuration then I could make assumptions about what was checked. Unfortunately, this did not work out as reliably as I hoped.

By iteratively testing the results, I found that in some tests a set radio button was detected where an unset one was expected and vise versa. To be clear on the setup for the test, it was something like:

My ask is: what is the most reliable way I can extract the checked/unchecked state of a radio button from a PDF when Adobe PDF software is not present?

Note: for confidentiality reasons, I am unable to share the PDF document.

UiPath Studio Version: 2020.10.6