Chrome Multiple Tabs


Please let me know the solution for the following scenario:

  1. Login to the application.
  2. Upon click “New Request” button a new tab is created and the active tab is the newly created tab.
    3 Now, from the newly created tab upon clicking “New Address” button another tab is created.
  3. In the 3rd tab i will be entering data and save it.
  4. Now, i want to redirect to 2nd tab enter few data and save it.
  5. Now, I want to close the Tab 2 and 3. Tab 1 should be present.
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You can pass a hot key Ctrl+Tab key - This is a manual type method


You can do is you have to be sure with the Title when opening the Tabs

Hope this helps


Hope these steps would help you resolve this

With open application activity if it’s a desktop application
Using a open browser activity for web application

With click activity we can do this
But ensure that simulate click property is enabled in the property panel

Same again as per previous point

We can use TYPE INTO activity to type and save the event

We are in third tab Mao to get to the second tab we need use two send hot key activity with key as ctrl+tab only then it comes to second tab
Ensure that we have used Attach Browser activity to handle the elements inside that browser page

And finally

we can use send hot key as ctrl+w which will delete the current tab
So here to close the last two tabs use smtp send hot key activity one next to another

That’s all buddy you are done
Cheers @monish06