Chrome migration to MV3 extension


Noticed this message a few days back,

URL: Extension for Chrome

Have some doubts on this.

  1. These specified 4 studio versions only work with the chrome extensions from January 2023?
  2. What if I’m using an older version of chrome and studio?

Someone having knowledge on this please help to clear the doubts.

The old Chrome MV2 automation will stop working.

You need to upgrade your Studio and Robot to get Chrome MV3 support in order to allow you to work with your Chrome browser automation.


Thank you, @marian.platonov

Could you please confirm whether these four studio version specified below (copied from the documentation) will work with the chrome browser after Jan 2023?

  1. 2022.4
  2. 2021.10.8
  3. 2020.10.14
  4. 19.10.9

We have dozens of automation using the chrome browser and we are using a studio/robot version that is not specified in the list, So, we are looking forward to take actions to upgrade if necessary as quickly as possible before the Chrome browser is migrating to V3.

Current studio version: 2021.10.3

@marian.platonov How about 2021.10.6.Do we need a patch to achieve 2021.10.8?

Supported versions with Chrome MV3:

2020.10.14 +
2021.10.8 +
2022.4.4 +

2019.10.9 is out of Support completely.


The needed installer can be found here

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