Chrome latest update

Hi, my automations aren’t working this morning after chrome’s latest update. Anything I can do?

try uninstall and install extension again i too faced that issue.

Already tried… still not working.

Hi @Androk Did u tried in both chrome and studio

Yes I did, it acts the same.

Hi @Androk
Try this

Tried… still does not work… clicks don t work, selectors select the wrong stuff, it s all messed up.

Changing the input mode on the browser to Hardware Events or Window Messages worked for me. Before it was on Chromium API (friday it worked flawlessly). The Extension had nothing to do with the problem… chrome updated though.


So does that mean we can’t use the Chromium API as an input for the meantime or that we should wait for the chrome extension to be updated to support the latest version of chrome?

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