Chrome / High Density Server - Issues with Login to Console "No"

I have an automation against a website that runs fine in Studio environment, but when deployed to high density server environment it fails at initial step of logging into a website. If I open a console window into server using VMware, the process is fully successful, and after closing the VMware window it remains successful, likely because server still registers the console session as existing.

Automation is set to open site in Chrome - has anyone else experienced issues with Chrome not rendering site properly in a high density environment with Login to Console set to “No”? Automation was first built in IE, but moved to Chrome after that proved to be unreliable for this process.

Edited for clarity after first reply!

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I m sorry I don’t get this because we need the machine to be connected to perform the process execution
May I know what error you were getting while running the process
Cheers @jcarr79

Edited this based on your reply - sorry for the confusion!