Chrome --> Extract Data from NEW Session? (HELP)

I have a very basic goal:
Open a Browser Session (CHROME), navigate to a predetermined page, and extract a single table.

My Issue:
It all works perfectly if and only the Data Scraping activity references the table open in THAT specific browser session. If I close all my browser windows it will no longer run as it lost THAT specific table in THAT specific browser session.

There’s gotta be a way I can have all my browser windows closed and this will pick up, get to the website and realize the data in needs to extract it the same thing even though it’s just a different instance?

Here’s a screenie.

Hi @Jeff_Speer

Please click on the 3 horizontal lines for Attach Browser activity. Select Open In UIExplorer. Is there a session attribute, it may contains random alphanumeric ? If yes, try removing/unchecking it. Save and test.

Looking at the screenshot and reading the issue description, I expect the robot fails on the “Extract” activity, and not on the “Open Browser” or “Attach Browser”, is that correct?

In the screenshot it shows "Extract Structured Data ‘TABLE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’. I would expect that the ‘xxxxxx’ part of the Table name is session specific and will change when you reload or rerun the robot. Can you check the target selector from that step and either adjust it or show us how it looks so we can help you further?