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I have noticed a wired behavior with chrome extension.When i am opening a new tab, the extension icon is greyed out, but when i load any page it gets enabled. Not sure if i missed anything while enabling the settings.
Can you also please look into it as well.

Hi @pruthvisiddhartha

I believe this is an expected behaviour. It is basically supposed to work on the actual website and not the new tab space.

Hi @loginerror - Thanks for the information. But when i am trying to use Get Text activity to know if any website is loaded or not, i am not able to perform that task.Is there any workaround for the same.

It seems you can still access the name of the tab with a selector like this:

You can double click on the ‘title bar’ to get the selector value for that element.

You can use it in your workflow with the Get Attribute activity set to get the text value, like so:

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