Chrome Extension removed after Citrix refresh

Hi all

Bit of an unusual one for which I have no idea!

The customer has a Citrix VM which they refresh/reboot each night. The bot in its own VM along with Ui path, connects to this using the Ui path runtime for Citrix and I can automate away.

Part of the automation involves using Chrome, so the customer (they own the Citrix VM) has to install the Ui path Extension for Chrome. This works and I can automate away on Chrome

However, when the refresh takes place each night, the extension disappears from Chrome and needs reinstalling by the customer. This isn’t possible for them to do each day(!)

Does anybody know how the refresh can take place but the extension not be uninstalled?

The customer has asked for an ‘extension ID’ but I am unable to find one so this can be ‘whitelisted’ (I assume they mean the ui path Chrome extension)

Any help would be much appreciated


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Hello @jordrowley
Use Send Hotkey actvity, F5
It will refersh the browser screen without extension

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hi, maybe the citrix machine all time charge the image when tunr on , your costumer must amke a new imagen includind chrome whit extention or the other alternative is use edge

Rodrigo Neira

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Hi @jordrowley

As suggested @rodrigoneira you can ask your IT team to include chrome extension in the image

If that is not possible then you can copy paste the chrome extension folder always

C:\Users<Username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

Find the folder and copy it always to your citrix location

and if you want the id…click on the extension and click details…from URL you can get the id of it


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Hey Anil, thank you for you answer which really helps. The extension is now installed but is turned off. I can turn it on, but was wondering if there is a way of getting the bot to check if the extension is turned on and to do this if not e.g using cmd line?

Thanks for the help

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Thanks for answering and for the advice :slight_smile:

Hi @jordrowley

You can try using active accesibility mode in ui explorer then you would be able to spy the chrome window features. Using that try accessing manage extensions and enable it.

Without opening I don’t think we can…But let me also check on it



You can try modifying the register keys but not sure how feasible it is

as you might not have the required access I guess


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