Chrome Extension question

I meant the Chrome users

Yes, I see two users. But for both users extension issue is the same.

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Hello @A_Learner

Is there any restrictions in your machine?Do you have the admin rights?

Extension for Chrome.


Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
I am not an admin. thank you

I hope maybe because of some restriction its asking to allow the extension again and again.


It could be true. But I find the extension there in Chrome:\extensions.

Wish there is an easier way to deal with browser extension,

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@A_Learner Maybe It is also for some reason. Kindly activate any one account and do the process again. Lets see what happens

Hi @Gokul_Jayakumar
I activated only one account and repeated the process. 1. Pinned UiPath extension in Chrome 2. Remove from Chrome 3. Closed Chrome 4. installed from Studio Tools - Extensions 5. Activated in Chrome

Same issue. I get the alert that Chrome UiPath extensions need to be installed. UiPath is not able to interact with browser.

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If possible, Kindly uninstall the Chrome browser and reinstall the browser and create one user profile and again install the uipath chrome extension and try the process.

For more issues, kindly refer to this link you may got some idea
Chrome Extension Troubleshooting.

Thank you. Chrome seems to be an issue. Working on it.