Chrome extension malfunction after auto-update to 22.4 getting irrelevant Popup

Yesterday my machine forced update to 22.4

The update went well, [studio] opened my projects fine, and I reinstalled the Chrome plug-in to match the new version.

My test robots start, interact with user, open excel - all fine, BUT once a [robot]gets to a part where it opens a webpage in Chrome , a popup in the browser warns that “UIPath Web Automation 22.4” started debugging this browser"

The web part of the automation starts by opening a page and typing text into a field and clicking search. Opening the browser/page works fine, typing the text works fine, but clicking the search sits and waits/fails, and the debugging message pops along top edge of page.

  • I removed and reinstalled extension (again)
  • I found a UIPath article describing some similar common issues…
    • I’ve confirmed that “ChromeNativeMessaging.exe” is running
    • I’ve enabled access to file URLs and Incognito mode as described.
    • I confirmed no other Chrome instances or profiles are open or running

I had UIPath on another test machine and it suffered the same fate when I logged in and it forced the update there too.

I’d REALLY appreciate if someone has already had similar issue and found the resolution!


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Below thread might help you.