Chrome Extension issues, bot is broken!

Hi there,

I have a bot which was working fine last week (and for the year) and suddenly having issues. I believe there was an UiPath Chrome Extension update which may have impacted this.

In my workflow, the bot has a simple Open Browser activity inside a “Retry” scope (the condition is unrelated). I put a WRITE LINE before and after the open browser activity. I can see the bot gets to the point of loading the webpage in a new Chrome window, but for some reason it loops and keeps opening new Chrome windows of the same webpage. I see Write Line #1 but never gets to Write Line #2 unless I indicate “Continue on Error” on the Open Browser activity… It doesn’t seem to be responding well to selectors either… some of the conditions (Such as the condition for the Retry scope) is an element exists and I guess it keeps saying false and never progresses. Sometimes however, it works for a small amount of time…

Am I the only person facing these issues at the moment? What can I do? This bot is a 24/7 process sending out SMS alerts regularly so this downtime is pretty crucial and I am unable to resolve the error as the bot seems to be “erroring” on the Open Browser activity. It opens the webpage… nothing happens… then it opens it again… and loops.

Remove the Chrome Extension, and try enable it again